The Contemporary Colors of Traditional Spanish Fashion

Spain is a mixture of different cultures and traditions and that has translated itself into Spanish fashion over the years. Traditional Spanish fashion is flashy and known for the decorative patterns and vibrant decorations on the fabric, which were filled with all types of jewels and flamboyant threads.

Over the years, fashion in Spain has evolved and has gone from traditional to contemporary Western style. It is famous for its flamboyance, elegance and marvelous decoration.

Spanish dressing was heavily influenced by the Moorish culture as it inducted flashy ornaments and embroidered jewelry into the fabrics which were already very rich and heavy.

When the world was going through a revolution, fashion in Spain refused to change its traditional style to accommodate the rest of the world and continued to use its own style, which was the reason that Paris replaced Spain as the fashion center of the world.

Modern day fashion in Spain is cheerful and filled with bright colors, and Spanish fashion is signified by its amazing festivals and bull fights. The traditional Spanish clothes are a favorite among people all over the world and the most commonly used are:

1. Peineta
2. Gilet
3. Mantilla

A Peineta is very similar to a comb and is generally used to hold up a Mantilla. The comb is very decorative and is curved up. It keeps the hair in place and raises the height of the wearer when worn together with a Mantilla.

The Mantilla is usually worn by women in Spain and is a silk or light lace scarf covered by a comb. It is very traditional and has been worn as a veil by women for centuries in religious festivities.

Worn since the 19th century as a bodice shaped waistcoat with embroidery on it, the Gilet has evolved into a sleeveless jacket, which is straight sided and comes down to the knees.

Modern day Spanish fashion is highly influenced by global trends and of course, its own traditional culture.

There are a lot of worlds famous Spanish designers that are lauded for their vision and style in the fashion industry. Adolpho Dominguez, Balenciaga, and Manolo Blahnik are all worlds famous Spanish fashion designers who are known for their unique and easy style.

In general, Spanish clothing has a very modern outlook in recent times and people are recognizing fashions in Spain once again as Spanish clothes are very high on quality and exuberance. Spain is also a very popular place for designers and designer brands as it looks to become the fashion capital of the world once again.

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